Wednesday, November 28, 2018

How to Make Your Home Smell Heavenly Everyday

Would you like your home to smell good every day of the year? Try the tips in this blogpost and you'll notice a big difference in the atmosphere in your home.

  1. Get rid of bad odors first - It doesn't matter what kind of pleasant fragrances you incorporate into your home if your starting with a bad smell. You'll fight an uphill battle if you do that. Simply commit to taking out the trash everyday, cleaning your dishes everyday, and keep up with your laundry. 
  2. Open up the windows - Before you perfume your home in the morning, open up your windows and let some fresh air in. It's a great way to get rid of unpleasant odors and bring in clear air. If you air out your home, take out your garbage, and keep your home clean, it'll be simple to keep your home smelling pleasant.
  3. Incense, candles, and essential oils - Now that you know how to keep your home smelling clean, you need to figure out what works best for you in terms of scenting your home. Incense is a great product to start with. Just be sure to get a good brand. Nag Champa is a terrific one to start with. Scented candles are great. Just be sure to get a natural brand. Synthetic scents tend to give people headaches. An air diffuser is fantastic as well. Be sure to use 100% essential oils. 

Monday, November 5, 2018

How to Keep Your Home During the Holidays

The holidays are hear and it's very easy for your home to become a mess. With all of the holiday prep and guests milling out of your home, your home can go from pristine to problematic in a day. Use the tips in this blog to keep the mess down.

  • Buy doubles off all cleaning supplies. You don't want to run out of paper towels or garbage bags this time of the year.
  • Opt for disposable cook wear and disposable plates and utensils. The less dishes you need to clean the better.
  • Put out a welcome mat in front of your front door and back door. This will keep your floors cleaner during the holiday season. Remind your family to use it.
  • At the bare minimum, take out your garbage and load your dishwasher every night. It's a lot easier to keep your home clean if your garbage isn't overflowing and your sink isn't overflowing with dishes. 

How to Clean Your Home Quickly

There are days when you need to clean your home, but you don't have time to do a deep clean. Maybe you have an unexpected guest coming over. Maybe you want the house to look nice when your spouse comes homes. Whatever situation you're facing, there's ways to keep your home clean every day. There's also ways to speed clean. Use this blog post to have a cleaner home than you do right now.

Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean
  • Unload your dishwasher first thing in the morning.
  • Take out your trash at the end of the day.
  • Clean as you go when cooking.
  • Put your clothes in the hamper as soon as you take them off.
  • If it only takes 2 minutes, do it.
  • Only touch something once, ie: put stuff where it belongs first thing.
  • Clean your home for a minimum of 20 minutes every day.
  • Put on your favorite show or music when cleaning.
  • Give yourself something to look forward when you're done cleaning.

Tips for Speed Cleaning

  • Put on a timer and set it for 10 minutes before your company will arrive.
  • Pick a room to put all the clutter in.
  • Clean off tables, counters, and floors of clutter and dirt.
  • Keep the music going.
  • Open the windows to let in fresh air.