Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Signs of a Water Damaged Roof

No one wants to deal with a water damaged roof, but if you’re reading this article you may already have your suspicions. If you believe your roof is in poor condition after reading this post, call a professional roof repair company. You’ll find that either your roof is water damaged or another part of your home is. Don’t delay on the repair, because the longer you wait, the worse it’ll get. A water damaged roof simply is not safe.

  1. Your roof is discolored: Your roof should be one color. If you notice green patches or black patches, your roof may have suffered water damage. Green spots are usually indicative of moss and black spots are usually a tell tale sign of mold. In most cases, they’re signs of water damage. Get your roof inspected immediately.
  2. Your ceiling are stained: Your ceilings should not be stained in any way shape or form. If you notice this, you should call your local roof repair company to inspect your roof. That’s because once you notice stains on your ceilings, the water damage has already begun.
  3. Missing shingles/tiles - If you notice missing shingles or tile, your roof is susceptible to water damaged and may already be water damaged.  This is because the areas with missing roofing materials no longer protect your home from water or other elements.
  4. Your attic is musky/damp - Your attic can tell you a lot about the condition of your roof. After all, it’s the first room under your roof. If your roof is water damaged you’ll notice the following in your attic: damp spots, mold, puddles, natural light coming through the roof.
  5. Your gutter is continuously clogged - If your gutter is clogged on a regular basis, the culprit may not be leaves or other natural debris. If your roof is breaking down, the roofing material is in your gutter. It has no where else to go. So, if you notice your gutter is clogged, and you have an older roof, you need to call your local roofer. If your roof is deteriorating, it’s prone to water damage.  
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